Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yes, you can make your own baby food!

Green Beans from the Farmer's Market
These bags work great when you are short on time

Blending away

Store bought vs. Homemade! Which one would you rather eat?
Frozen green beans

Making your own baby food is very easy. It's wonderful because you can buy fresh ingredients and know exactly what you are giving your little one. Why not offer your baby yummy homemade baby food? Not only is it healthy but really inexpensive.  For instance I was at Sam's Club and bought 6 mangoes for $4. I made 28 servings of baby food. You can't beat that! 
  1. Go to your local Farmer's Market and buy fruits and veggies that are in season
  2. Wash the fruit or veggies
  3. VEGGIES-Put the veggies in a Glad Steam Fresh Bag (I use this when I am short on time)
  4. FRUIT-I cut in half and place open face (skin on) down in 1 inch of water. I bake at 400 until soft.
  5. Put in blender (I leave the skin on the fruit)
  6. Blend
  7. Let cool in the refrigerator (I do this because I am afraid of BPA. If you don't mind this you can pour into ice cube trays right from the blender)
  8. Pour into ice cube trays
  9. Let the food freeze 2-3 hours
  10. Take the food out and put food into labeled zip lock bags.
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Traci said...

you're amazing. I don't know why, but making my own baby food has always sounded so intimidating to me. Gonna have to try it! =)

The Dorns said...

I just fond your blog. I make my own baby food too. Im going to start following your blog. I never thought about the BPA from the hot steamed baby food I make. I only recently found out not to freeze hot food it needs to cool before going in the freezer. I just wanted to let you know Lil Sprouts brand makes silicone baby food freezer trays. I love how easily the cubes come out of the tray. Heres the link on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Green-Sprouts-Eco-friendly-Silicone-Freezer/dp/B002F9MUM0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=baby-products&qid=1264837005&sr=8-2

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