Sunday, August 30, 2009

Make your own baby wipes!

I started making my own wipes when I was not satisfied with the "natural" baby wipes. I use wipes for everything and I hated all of the chemicals that are found in wipes. I knew that there was a better alternative. I found a recipe that I liked and changed it to work for my kiddos. It only takes around 5 minutes start to finish. I love that I can pick products that I am comfortable with using too. The most difficult part of making wipes is cutting the paper towels. I have used many different kinds of knives but found that the electric knife works best. So are you ready?????? Here goes:
  • 1 roll of Bounty paper towels (I have read many reviews and found that Bounty works best)
  • 1 1/2 cups of WARM water (If your first round of wipes molds I would switch to bottled distilled water)
  • 2 tablespoons baby wash (we love California Baby)
  • 1 tablespoon baby oil (Burt's Bees smells so good)
  • a splash of white vinegar (This is optional. I use it to prevent mold)
  1. Cut the paper towel into two.
  2. Mix warm water, baby bath, oil, and vinegar
  3. Place paper towel into container and pour mixture on top of the paper towel in a circular motion
  4. Let sit 1 minute.
  5. Pull out the cardboard center of the paper towel
  6. Pull paper towel from the center of the roll

I make three rolls at a time. To prevent the wipes from molding I store the rolls that I am not using in the refrigerator.
If you use cloth wipes you can put the solution in a spray bottle and spray your wipes before using them.
I LOVE these wipes. They are the best. I will never go back to buying the store bought kind. I use less wipes and love knowing what is in my kiddo's wipes.

Here is a link to the container that I use. There are four pictured. I use model 0333. I found mine at Target.


Anna said...

this may be a stupid question, but can you use a baby wash/shampoo combo or should it be just baby wash?

No Crying Mama said...

Have you ever done a price comparison to see if the homemade one are cheaper than store-bought? I would love to use homemeade ones, but hubby would be hard to convince!

Alanna Isaacs said...

yes you can use babywash/shampoo.

We used to use Costco baby wipes- 9 packs for 23.99. I now buy the 8 pack of Bounty. I stocked up a month or two ago and got 8 rolls for $6.00. So let's add this up
8 X 2 = 16 rolls or packs of wipes. Half a roll lasts me a week.
$6.00 (paper towels)
$8.00 baby oil (I can make around 16-1/2 rolls with this)
$11.00 for baby wash (this makes around 16 -1/2rolls too)

Total=around $26.00 for 16-1/2 rolls
Costco= 23.99 for 9 packs

My wipes are $1.60 a "pack"
Costco wipes are $2.66 a pack

You can make these even cheaper depending on what ingredients you use. You can use cheap baby oil if you want to save even more money.

Next time I buy new ingredients I will add it all up to make sure my calculations were correct.

Michaela said...

I've found the good Viva towels that feel like cloth work well for wipes. My local grocer has them on coupon deals frequently, so that could be a good way to make them cheaper.

Kayla said...

I just started sewing my own cloth diapers and I was thinking about getting cloth wipes since I wash diapers any way. This is a nice disposable option.

Sarah said...

Kayla- How do you sew your own cloth diaper? I would love to use cloth diapers, but I don't want to use the old fold and pin ones and the nice new ones w/ velcro are so expensive. I sew, so this might be a good project for me.

CLewis said...

Thanks for this:) I have been planning to switch to homemade disposable wipes when we ran out of the store bought kind and have been looking over several different ways to do it. I think I will give this one a try!

Juli Pealstrom said...

I'm not using wipes for babies anymore (the youngest is 17 and she'd object) but I keep wipes in all the bathrooms for, well, wiping, and also for emergencies (doggie accidents). When we were using cloth diapers it was easy peasy to just use a baby wash cloth or a t-shirt cut up and thro them in with the diapers. I'm so glad to have an easy "recipe" to make these as I do like to have some disposable wipes when you don't want to throw it in with the rags.

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