Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mail, mail go away...come again another day!

After being fed up with counter clutter I came up with an easy solution....clip boards. I don't know about you but my counters were always cluttered with bills, catalogs, coupons, and more. I found an easy way to organize my families clutter.
 I went to office max and bought 4 standard size clip boards for under $2.00 each. and 2 mini clip boards for under $1.00. I searched through my scrapbook paper and found some paper that matched my window treatments. I also found some Mod Podge
I cut the paper to the size of the clip boards, brushed on a generous amount of Mod Podge and the clip boards were ready to be hung up.
I chose to put mine in the laundry room which is just off of our mudroom. 
The clip boards hold the following. 
  • Family Calendar
  • Coupons
  • Kid's Schedule
  • Bills
  • Stamps
I love how they turned out. We no longer have cluttered counters. I am one happy mommy!

Before the boards get covered with our clutter
I love the mini boards. Below the mini board is a canvas that Big G painted for me.
Close up of the big boards
More of the big boards
Close up of the mini board.

A friend of mine posted a great tutorial about organizing homework clutter. Check it out. She is also doing a giveaway this week for a wetbag...woohoo.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No, you can't get up!

It can be so hard to get Big G to sit at the table during dinner time. I  get all of the food ready and served and then he wants to get up from the table. After many power struggles I thought of something that could change dinner time. 

You know all of those toy catalogs you get? Well keep them on the table. When your little one wants to get out of his or her chair pass them a catalog. Big G loves looking at the new toys. For some reason these catalogs are so much better than books or magazines. 

Dinners have been great since figuring this out. My hubby and I get to enjoy a meal without chasing an active toddler. The bonus is Big G is learning how to sit at the dinner table!

Set the stage. Notice the basket filled with catalogs.
This is about 10 minutes into dinner
One happy boy! It's great because he was telling us all about the different toys.