Monday, February 15, 2010

Yummy Lunches!

My plan was to post a video explaining cloth diapering. Well, I had technical difficulties and after trying 8-10 times I threw in the towel. My hope is to try again when we get back from our upcoming trip. Keep an eye out in the upcoming weeks. It will work, I know it will. haha

I ran across this blog and fell in love. I have been holding back and have yet to go crazy buying everything to make a perfect Bento. There are many wonderful Bento blogs out there. Do you have a favorite Bento blog? If you make Bentos I must hear all about them. My cart is filled with items to start making Bentos. Do I go ahead and push the purchase button? hmm. I will think on that for a while.

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CLewis said...

I wanted to let you now that I nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award!! You have such interesting posts and great things to share with others. Check out my latest post at to see the nomination and pass it on:)

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