Thursday, March 4, 2010

More travel tips!

Woohoo we made it back from Disney World. It was a wonderful 7 days of Mickey. I have to say if you have never taken a Disney trip it's a must.

We had so much fun. I am still trying to fix my camera on my computer. As soon as I get it working I will post a video about cloth diapers.

Here are my latest tips

*Pack 3 diapers, changing pad, wipes and change of clothes in a large ziplock. When you are at the airport grab the baggie out of your diaper bag. It's nice not having to bring the entire diaper bag with you into the bathroom. This works really well on the airplane too.

*Bring new snacks on the plane. Bring things that your child has not eaten before. Most of the time they go crazy over it because it's new. It keeps them busy.

*If you did not buy a seat for your child under 2 take your car seat with you to the gate. When you get there ask them if there are any seats available. If there are they will normally give you the seat free of charge.

*Keep your little one in his/her car seat. I treat the plane just like the car. They come out for a diaper change but that's it. It makes the trip much easier. Of course if you have a long flight taking them out to stretch would be a must.

*Use the hotel coffee maker. Not for coffee though. I brought easy macaroni and instant oatmeal with us. For breakfast I would run just water through the coffee pot. The warm water worked great for making oatmeal. I would also make macaroni and bring it with us to the parks.

*Stay relaxed. If you are nervous or anxious your child will pick up on it.

Here are my lifesavers when I travel

Do you have any tips? If so add them to the list.


CLewis said...

Great tips! We took a trip to Arizona from Washington last year with a 2 and 1 year old and the airplane was definitely the most challenging part. Especially since we didn't have a direct flight. One thing we did that was helpful was to buy a few new toys/books from the dollar store that they didn't see until they were on the plane. Similar to the new snacks idea.

define1lady said...

Thanks for the tip. My family will be flying up in a couple months to Oregon.

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