Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Snuza Review

Yeah, I know. You are wondering what in the world is a Snuza? Right? Silly name, huh? Well, as silly as this product may sound it's the most AMAZING product ever. I just love it. Okay, okay, enough already. You want to know what it is. The Snuza is baby movement monitor. It's small, uber small in fact. It clips onto your baby's diaper and detects movement. If your baby stops moving an alarm sounds and alerts you.

I am one of those crazy mom's that checks my little ones while they sleep. I have to know if they are breathing. SIDS makes me so nervous and I needed some peace of mind. I love that the Snuza can travel with your baby. It's totally mobile unlike some other baby movement monitors. It's also small which I love. It's on the pricey side which almost scared me away. I was not sure if I wanted to put up the cash if this baby is going to be my last. I have to say that it's well worth the cost.

If you worry about SIDS this is the monitor for you. I use it during naps and at night. I put the Snuza on the baby's diaper and am instantly at ease. I sleep better and love that I don't have to worry. If I had a child in daycare I would ask them to use the Snuza. I just can't imagine having a baby and NOT using this product.

I will admit that I had this for a good 3 weeks before I ever used it. I don't know why but I could not get myself to clip in onto my little one's diaper. It is pretty silly when I look back, ha. The only negative about this product is that I am not sure how it will work when my little one starts to roll in her sleep. I am going to have to simmer on this...

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