Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm BACK and have a paci clip tutorial

Wow, it's been forever. Life has gotten busy around here. In the last year so much has changed. I lost my best friend in November. My grandma was my world. Life will never be the same. . We are slowly getting used to our new normal without my grandma around. She will forever be missed.

In April we welcomed baby number #3. We will call her Baby "G". She is the best baby that we have had. She sleeps and eats so well, we really enjoy her. I will have to post about her birth later this month.

Here is the plan for the blog. I hope to keep up with 1-2 posts each week. I will try to continue to post on Thursday afternoons. If there is anything you want me to post about let me know!

Up first, a paci clip tutorial. It's pretty easy. Here goes!

~Find the fabric that you want to use. I embroidered the letter "L" on fabric.
~cut out the fabric and assemble onto the button. I bought the largest buttons I could find at the fabric store. The button had a wire on the back of it but I took that off.
~Glue the paci clip onto the button. I found the paci clips on Etsy.com
~Sew the ribbon onto the paci clip
~use some fabric glue to attach velcro to the ribbon
~Sew the velcro to the ribbon
~All done! I love these so much. They make great gifts for friends too!


Kirsten said...

I am SO happy you're back!!! You probably have no clue who I am....I used to belong to the Feb 2009 babies Babycenter group and found your blog from that. I just loved the awesome tutorials and parenting-related information---I am serious when I say you inspired me to begin blogging at http://oursmalltribe.blogspot.com.

I was very disappointed when you stopped posting, but now I understand that you definitely had your hands full! I am so very sorry for the sadness you endured (and continue to feel) over the loss of your grandmother, and I congratulate you on the arrival of your third child! I, myself, am due with my second son in just about five weeks, and I'm sooo excited! :)

Anyways, just wanted to say 'welcome back', and I am greatly looking forward to continuing to read your blog! :-)


Alanna Isaacs said...

Kirsten- Thanks for your sweet words. Congrats on your new LO. You will love having 2 boys. They are so much fun. Just wait until they start to play with each other!

I am excited to read your blog. I love reading blogs from fellow mommies. It makes life feel "normal", ha

Anyway, thank you so much. I am excited to be back to blogging.

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