Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No, you can't get up!

It can be so hard to get Big G to sit at the table during dinner time. I  get all of the food ready and served and then he wants to get up from the table. After many power struggles I thought of something that could change dinner time. 

You know all of those toy catalogs you get? Well keep them on the table. When your little one wants to get out of his or her chair pass them a catalog. Big G loves looking at the new toys. For some reason these catalogs are so much better than books or magazines. 

Dinners have been great since figuring this out. My hubby and I get to enjoy a meal without chasing an active toddler. The bonus is Big G is learning how to sit at the dinner table!

Set the stage. Notice the basket filled with catalogs.
This is about 10 minutes into dinner
One happy boy! It's great because he was telling us all about the different toys.

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