Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Toys, toys, toys

Organizing toys made simple! With two kids under 2 years old we have tons of toys laying around. I found a local carpenter to bring my toy storage design to life. The top of the unit is a book browser. The kids can browse the books instead of looking at the spines on a book shelf. I had something similar in my classroom when I taught. The bottom two shelves hold baskets for toys. I took pictures of the toys and attached the pictures to the baskets. The pictures make cleaning up a breeze for your kiddos and husbands. Big G has been cleaning up since 1.5 years old. 


I took a picture of the toys and attached the picture to scrapbook paper. Then off to office Max. I laminated the pictures to make them more durable. After they were laminated I punched holes and attached the pictures to the baskets. If you don't want to splurge on laminating you can use clear contact paper. 

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Beana @ Bean Circus said...

What a great little invention! I think you could market that :)

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