Friday, October 16, 2009

Document your little ones growth!

I started documenting my little ones growth the week they came home from the hospital. With Big G I took his picture in the same chair with the same doll every month. I switched it up a bit with little G. I went to the craft store and bought iron on paper. I designed a onesie for each month and ironed the print onto a 18 month onesie. I am loving how it is turning out. I am watching him grow into the onesie. 

Here are some pictures. I would love to post all 12 months of Big G's growth but know that not everyone is interested in looking at tons of pictures. I will post a couple of random pictures of each G man.

Big G 1 week old
 Half way to a year...6 months old
Little G 2 months old

Now 7 months old

Do you document your little ones growth? How do you do it?


Paige said...

uh, I wouldn't mind seeing a ton of pictures of a couple cute boys.

I don't document it any cool way like you, I just take regular pics of her each month. although I do have one of her in her coming home outfit at 2 months old.

amy said...

I do the same thing you do except I use a big red teddy bear DH gave me for V-day shortly after LO was born. So fun to see how they grow! :)

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