Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter ONEderland party decor

It's almost time for Little G's big day. I hit the after Christmas sales and scored. Everything you will see for the party was 75% off!

I thought tissue paper snowballs would be cute for the big day. They are so inexpensive. The best part about mine are that the tissue paper was 90% off last year after Christmas.

If you are not big on snowballs you can make flowers. Scallop the edges of the tissue paper and use colored tissue paper.

The party favors are almost done. I am getting excited to post those later this week! eeekk it's going to be a great day!

Here you go:
Lay tissue paper flat!

Fold accordion style. Relive making fans as a kid.
Almost done.
Ready to be tied off.
I would have used twist ties but did not have any. Sshh I took some of my husbands fishing line.
Pull tissue paper up. Pull up ever other side.
Side A
Side A and B. Are you following me? Keep fluffing!
Finished snowball or flower
scalloped edges and some snowflake design.
Scalloped edges

A sneak peak at the dining room!
I love the little gift bags and cups.
What's a Winter ONEderland without snow? It's fake of course.
More of the table.


Traci said...

Cute with a capital C! =) Good bargain finding!

PickledPixie said...

Alanna, that looks amazing. Awesome bargain shopping! Are you having a big party?

Corie said...

Super cute! I recognize a lot of that stuff...Target, right? I think Jack and Grady are going to have a *very* similar looking party!

Alanna Isaacs said...

Thanks girls! Y'all made me blush.

Corie, yup..it's all from Target. I love that place! I can't wait to see pictures of Jack's party.

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