Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Save some time!

In honor of the holidays I thought I would post some quick time saving tips.

Make address labels for your Christmas cards.
I use these year round. I have every one's addresses saved to a word document. When I need to mail out Christmas cards all I have to do is hit the print button. I try to update my addresses once a year. After the list is updated I print out a hard copy. I can refer to my hard copy throughout the year when I need to send out cards and such.

More labels
Do you need to label your child's cups, bottles, shoes, or clothes for childcare or school? Check out Mable's Labels.
They are the BEST. they don't budge and come off with minimal stickiness when you no longer need them.

Hosting a party or meal?
I am in love with the disposable aluminum baking pans. I mix, bake, serve, and store all in the same pan. It makes cooking and clean up a breeze. You can find them in the baking isle at your local grocery store or at bulk!

One more thing
Take all of your kiddos Christmas gifts out of the packages before know the twist ties and such. Fill the toys with batteries and then place BACK in the original box. Wrap up the gift. When your kiddo opens the gift they get to play with it right away and you get to enjoy watching them open more gifts instead of working on taking everything out of the packaging.

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