Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We are moving...tips for packing up a house

I know, I know...I went MIA again. I am sorry. I ment to post some updates but we had so many things going on. Here is the scoop. We sold our house after it being on the market for 519 days. woohoo! We were going to rent a home while our house was under construction. Well, one day we were driving past our land and a house just 3 doors down was for sale. The house was beautiful and foreclosed. We made an offer with the hopes of being able to either remodel it or live in it while we build our dream home. We will not make a final decision in a year.

So we have been going crazy trying to pack and get geared up to move. We close on our new home next week. Our house is crazy right now, I mean crazy. Here are some pictures

Here are some quick moving tips.

Have 1 miscellaneous box. You know when you are packing up all of the DVD's you tape the box and then you find 3 or 4 random DVD's just minutes after? Well, my dad gave me this great tip. You have a miscellaneous box that all of the random junk that missed it's "designated" box goes into. Right now I have puzzle pieces, DVD's markers...pretty much a junk box that you can open at the end of your move and organize. It works GREAT.

Use garbage bags to move your clothing. I make a small hole at the top of the bag and pull the hangers through. Then I shove all of the clothing into the bag and tie it off. This works great. It's cheap and protects your clothing. If anything falls off the hanger it falls into the bag and not onto the ground . Here is a junky cell phone picture. A friend said you can reverse the bag and put the strings at the top, then you can reuse the bag.

Last tip, label the boxes at the top and the side. If someone is moving a smaller box they can just read the top of it. If the box is in storage you can always read the side of it. It's all about labeling here people.

I will be MIA for another week, maybe two. I look forward to giving you a lot of new decorating tips.


Anonymous said...

Things which are smaller are not easily noticeable, so after packing it becomes a confusion. First choose for smaller items.

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Clay Delgado said...

I definitely agree with your tip #1, Alanna. Having an extra box for your miscellaneous stuff would help you pack and sort out things that don’t belong in any particular category. You can also compile things that fall under ‘undecided category’, which means you still have to think whether you will take it with you or throw it out. [Clay Delgado ]

zarish maria said...

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