Thursday, May 27, 2010

No Poo...first attempt

If you are following my new journey of "No Pooing" the link to my first entry is here

Tonight I took the plunge and gave the no poo a try. I mixed the baking soda and water before getting into the shower. It looked like cloudy water. I poured the freezing cold mixture over my head and started scrubbing. I was not overly impressed with the salty taste of baking soda entering my mouth. I have to was nasty.

Here is what I will do next time for the "cleaning" process.

I am going to used just enough water to make a paste next time. I think the paste will be so much easier to work with.

This was not any better than the cleaning process. The vinegar smelled so bad. It was just so gross. I want to feel clean after my shower. Whatever, I sucked it up and kept moving it around my head.

Here is what I will do next time for the "conditioning" process
I am going to use way less vinegar. I will start with 2 tablespoons. I am also going to use apple cider vinegar because I think it will smell better. The last thing I will to do is add a couple drops of tea tree oil or coconut oil to the mix.

My hair feels so squeaky clean. It really does squeak. When I got out of the shower I was afraid to brush it because it felt icky. You know that feeling when you get out of the water at the beach? The salty, dry, icky feeling? Well, it's the same feeling. soon as I combed my hair it was silky soft. My scalp was tingly and it felt really good. hmmm there might just be something to this "No Pooing"


Traci said...

hmmmmm...I'm intrigued.

Emily said...

Ha! I used to frequent the bargain hunters board on old BBC and there was a 400+ post thread about no-pooing :) Some of the women looked amazing after they quit using shampoo!

Alanna, I'm on the cd board...that's how I found your blog. I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your banana chocolate mousse recipe that uses tofu. I've made it a bunch of times and tried it today with agave nectar...I was making it for a friend who has cancer and is on a no-sugar diet. I actually think I liked it better with the agave! Just fyi, if you're ever out of sugar or just want to try something new.

:) Emily

Alanna Isaacs said...

ohhh Emily, thank you for the tips on the mousse. I am going to give it a try. I love trying new tips. How much agave nectar did you use?

So far I think my hair is looking about the same. It's summer and I really don't do much with it. It feels so much cleaner though. I am pretty sure I will stick with this. It's so much cheaper than the store bought stuff and I feel like it cleans my hair really well.

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